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The palomar series is based on an album with 48 photograps made around 1960. They all show the same man in different holiday settings. In this series I replaced him with a bluescreen turning him into a kind of ‘everyman’. The series is used here as illustration for the december tourist theme number of ‘de optimist‘, an online magazine. 

Collaborations with Nelleke Bosland

Nelleke’s is a good friend and a good artist. She makes tape installations in situ as well as animations. I’ve photographed some of her work on location, and improvised with the results. I’ve also provided music for some of her animations.

Roger Reuver is a photographer and designer who uses images and objects from his personal archives that get stripped, questioned, warped, combined, inverted, layered, and re-contextualised, using a combination of analog and digital processes.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in collaboration or publication.


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